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Sunday, February 9 2014

I'm never going to catch that red dot.


Saturday, February 8 2014

Something need doing?

workwork.pngI'm pretty sure I know at least a portion of the pain Rob goes through when pulling sixty plus hour work weeks. However he's had a much longer tenure in this racket.

I've been putting in about 36-38 hours in the office, about 8-10 hours at home, and that's just during the week, I've already put in about four hours today, and I'll be in the office putting in another 3-4 hours tomorrow. I'm already in the 51-52 hour range so far this week. I'm going to start keeping a journal of the time I'm at work or working from home. However a mid-50's hour work week isn't my idea of having a good time.

And the reason for the 36-38 hours in the office and not 40, is because I love my wife, and I get to be near her while I work from my home office. I make sure to have lunch with her every day, I even enjoy coming home and helping her make whatever it is we're having. However this past week I had to bail on her a couple of times due to work. I drove to Subway and ate at my desk to give myself an extra thirty minutes in the office.

There was a point in time where I would just go to work and go about the daily grind, not caring about any of the work I was doing. I just wanted to go and get out, I've been digging myself out of that lately...

On the upside of things, I got to go to the local food trucks today and had a delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich and homemade red potato salad. Jamie's beef fajita quesadilla was also delicious, she did not put up much of a fight. Though in the name of fairness I shared a few bites of my food with her. We were sitting there on an aged blue wooden bench, my hands were frozen, I should have brought gloves with me. I also should have stayed longer and endured the cold, however I couldn't enjoy myself. I was still thinking about work, there has been so much of it that I've been unable to let go and have any proper downtime. Which reminds me, I had a killer hour long nap on Thursday. Granted, I was finding solutions to work related problems in my dreams, so it seems that there is no escaping. I'm pretty sure the only escape at this point is the sweet embrace of the Grim Reaper himself. However I'm confident that I've got another sixty+ quality years left in this carbon unit. While I doubt I'll be working until I'm ninety, if I were to work that long at 60 hours per week, I'd have vested an additional 187,200 hours of work. Which is 7,800 days, or roughly 21~ years of my life.

When you think about it, you get to spend a third of your life sleeping, a third of it dedicated to working; which for many people means countless hours of manual labor. I luckily get to slave away in relative luxury, with the exception of using my position in the company last week to overnight a heater because my finger-less gloves weren't keeping my hands warm enough. Please don't say anything along the lines of "why didn't you just buy gloves with fingers." To which I'll reply, because my job involves typing all God damn day you son of a bitch! And the final third, is the life you get to go about your business as you see fit. That breaks down to only having 30 years of your own life on this planet, I had better fucking start tearing it up Top Gear UK style.

I'm going to stop there, there is way too much typing going on right now. I need to fly to California again...

p.s. If you want to know what food trucks I was talking about earlier, jump on over to

Props to Bobby and Katie for taking us to that cornucopia, that surprisingly happens to be a small fleet of food trucks. it was worth the drive over there. I've also got some bad news for Eloy, they're closed on Sundays.